Snack Machine by OmegaVend

OmegaVend machines are fully equipped in accepting digital currencies. No more looking around for exchanging currencies. Make the payment from our OmegaPay app to buy your favourite product at any price at your convenience.Our main focus is to create synergy in the work environment by satiating the nutritional needs of your employees with our Snack & Beverage vending machines that are not just smart but also healthy.

OmegaVend Key Features

  • Cashless - Get your favourite product through digital currency (no looking around for change)
  • Quality - Find only quality assured products
  • Support - 24x7 support for the machine
  • User Friendly - OmegaVend for everyone. Get your products at ease

Delightful servings, all day,everyday!

  • Beverages
  • Cookies
  • Healthy Potato Chips
  • Healthy Energy Bars
  • Daily Grocery
  • Sanitary Napkin
  • Basic Medicines
  • Household Care

Vending Machines For You

Start OmegaVend machine service at you Cowork Space / Apartments / Tech Parks .


Why is it so safe to start my vending machine business?

Guarntee 100%

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Repair and Service

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Provision of Ingredients

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Additional Equipment

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Rent of our products

Rental Pricing Plan

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Combo Vending Machine

Rs 4500+GST/month

IOT Payment Device

Rs 1000+GST/month

Sanitary Napkin Machine

Rs 850+GST/month

Coffee Machine 1

Rs 1800+gst/month

Smart Vending machine

Rs 6000+gst/month

People Says About OmegaVend

We have been using Omegavend as a snacking solution for our clients at our coworking spaces for a long time now. They have a variety of snacking options to choose from, an easy-to-use

Manish Jain

Easy and digital payment option, Quick and simple operation, Cost effective with no compromise with service or quality.

Akashy Kumar

Overall the concept, service support, consistency in operation is very good and would strongly recommend this system at corporates.

Naina Shaik

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